You know, we all kind of live the life like the guy in Memento. His memory fractured time in such a way he couldn’t piece life together. He would remind himself of something that happened and restructure the memory anew, fictionalizing it. We do the same thing. For example, I just had this great insight into this recurring human theme: redemption. Atonement.

I made my slow way home
Limping on broken bones
Out of the thickest pine
Across the county lines
On to your wooden stairs
I know you can repair
I know you’ve seen the light
I know you’ll get me right

Get Me Right, Dashboard Confessional

We love this shit. We love thinking we redeem ourselves. Whether it’s through Christ or hard work or forgiveness or music or whatever. This trope connects with us. I listen to this song and just feel like yeah, that connects with me. But was thinking of redemption as a trope my idea?

I probably heard it somewhere, on a podcast, logged it away, and recall only part of the memory. Now I create a back story to fill in the blanks, and bam. I just had original thought. Nope.


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