In conversation with my girlfriend today, I realized a very important truth.  I’ve come across some very interesting truths lately, and this is one that needs to be discussed.  That is, that it always is comforting to be assured.  Is it not so?  There is a great warmth that fills us when our worries and fears are put to rest, whatever they may be.  I think this is one of the great attractions of religion in all its forms.  Another is a security fostered by a steady job.  These things provide an absolute that we can hold onto in a world of uncertainty.  It is the awning to duck under on a rainy day, the opinion to fall back on in a heated debate, the quiet, listening silence that hears us in the night.  Assuring us and putting some worry to bed.  Even the very discussion of our troubles brings us some comfort, but it is a certainty that we seek that makes things alright.

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One thought on “Absolutes

  1. Darren says:

    Please hold me.

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