A taste of things to come…

PhilosophyI have returned to the blogosphere with a great many things to discuss, debate, and ridicule.  I hope you will join me each week to talk about current political sideshows and offer your opinions on symphonies, books, and movies.  I am even looking forward to writing a bit of prose about different important stories from my life and the meanings I have given to them.  I hope to increase the quality of my writing while still maintaining the immediacy of sharing daily ideas and insights, and look forward to your criticism.  See you soon…

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2 thoughts on “A taste of things to come…

  1. Sandra Reid says:

    Hi, Ben,
    The house is lonely without you already!! We love you lots… I must say your blog makes my blog look like a 5 year old did it. I’ll have to get some ideas from you. Your cousin, Sandy….Hi, Lisa.

  2. Sandra Reid says:

    Dear Ben,
    It is you that is the “choice” cousin!! Happy Birthday to you on Tuesday. I’ll be thinking about you all day. Hope you are all settled and back at the classwork…Be sure and give my love to your parents this weekend. Love, Sandy

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