We can handle the truth

Sarah-Palin-racist-alaska-obamaThere have been some whoppers in the news lately.  Michael is dead.  Palin has resigned.  Obama is checking out euro-tush.  But what continues to frustrate me is the inability of popular news broadcasts and websites to give objective information or put things into proper perspective.  Nobody even attempts to tell the truth anymore; everything is couched in party rhetoric even to the point of downright lying.  I know when I think of the word propaganda I think Communism, Fascism, and Deloris Umbridge’s smear campaign against Harry Potter.  But news stations like CNN and Fox are just as biased as these.  I turn on the radio and hear…Sean Hannity.  I visit the folks at home and on the television is…Bill O’Reilly.  I try to get news online and I get directed to…Hotair.com.  What isn’t right is these news stations parading as logical and objective news sources.  

Most recently, I’ve been interested in the Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin’s surprise resignation.  Immediately following her press release I saw reporter after reporter tripping over themselves to condemn Palin, calling her “unfit” and “soft”.  It was only days after her resignation did her actual reasons for resignation rise to the surface of popular news sources.  On the other side, journalists and writers have defended her and conducted polls to prove she has actually gained respect, not lost it, even to the point of wishing away her actions.  According to Palin herself, it was the media and political activists against her that caused her administration’s moribundity.  According to Palin, she left to promote the progress of Alaska.  I don’t believe Palin is a great presidential candidate for 2012, but she’s someone who doesn’t fall under the first two standard deviations of what politics means in this country today:  Sans Honesty.  She’s a country talking conservative that is true, and she’s not as polished as other politicians by any stretch of the word, but boy do people trust her.  If only that’s how we felt about our news sources.  

It’s unfortunate that people aren’t trusted to think for themselves.  It’s unfortunate that power is so polarizing that political parties will go to ANY lengths to achieve it.  If you think that your news source is somehow unbiased, think again.  I just finished an article by an intelligent columnist for the Washington Times, and as well written and factual as it was, it still compared President Obama to fascist and communist leaders of the thirties and forties.  However you couch it, there is a strong implicit argument behind the such a comparison.  Maybe one reason for this is the sheer number of journalists out there.  There just isn’t enough news to support so many jobs, so journalists have to use more scare tactics, more shocking headlines, more unbelievable stories.  Whatever the reason, it isn’t healthy for our nation.  

democrats-climate-billLet’s face it:  Politicians aren’t honest, and neither are our party news stations and papers.  That’s what it boils down to.  It’s a matter of who to trust in an un-trustable world.  The new cap and trade bill was so stupefied in such a short amount of time it could only have been on purpose; another liberal tactic to push through yet another tick on the democratic to-do list.  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi guaranteed its passage which she delivered, but what nobody wants to fess up to on the liberal side is that this bill is a literal and unparalleled tax on all Americans.  I don’t think the real issue for me is that it’s another tax; rather, it’s that Obama spent two years campaigning for the elections parading a “no more taxes” administration.  A 700 billion dollar bailout does not smack of lowering taxes.  Neither does a 1 trillion dollar health reform.  Certainly a new tax on EVERY American, inversely heavier on the lower classes of which President Obama lauded himself a savior for, is not consistent with his original promises.  Alas, The One is already out of honesty.  This isn’t change we can believe in, it’s change we didn’t really know about.  On the other side, Republicans wouldn’t cite an advantage to any policy, bill, or action from the Obama Administration even if it were staring them directly in the face.  I filter through a decent portion of news in a day, and I can say with at least my own subjective certainty that Republicans see things one way, and Democrats see things the other, and there’s no room for cooperation on Capitol Hill or even the attempt at objectivity in the newsroom.  

So, I say to America, we can handle the truth!  We should also be doing our duty of searching out “the best books” and sources for our news, and not falling into the “traditions of our forefathers”.

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4 thoughts on “We can handle the truth

  1. John Trotter says:

    You hit the nail on the head. Sometimes I think we are almost destined to go downhill. I don’t think we will ever have a anybody in Washington that is honest. We need more people like you.

  2. Cylee says:

    Amen! I am sick of both parties. I’m sick of the games, the blaming, the hypocrisy …the whole thing. Country needs to come first and we can weed that out by getting term limits passed first thing. Then get Congress to get on the same playing feild as the rest of us…they pay all the same taxes as us, they don’t get to vote on there pay raise…we decide THE PEOPLE, they get the same kind of health care, they suffer the same punishments for crimes and offenses committed. I think this would be a good start. And then and maybe up there with the rest of this get there pay down!!! One of the founders said to not pay well in these positions. They will already have power you don’t want to couple this with money. Thanks for your post!

  3. Buddy says:

    I whole heartedly agree with what you’ve said Ben and am ready for increased honesty, transparency, and accountability. For too long the majority of news outlets and politicians have been playing the who’s right and who’s wrong card instead of focusing on what is right and in the best interests of the citizens of this nation. In my opinion, there is also way too much money tied into politics and many of its passed policies. I am sure the end results from heeding the “voice of the people” rather than the voice of money and/or power would look very different.

    Ps. I did an LOL number when I read the Harry Potter reference

  4. It all seems so complex on the news with the talking heads and political pundits.

    The sad fact of the matter is that the bigger picture is much simpler than “they” would have us believe.

    Here’s what it all boils down to. “Freedom” vs. “Control”. Which do you choose for you cannot have both.

    For anyone that really wants to understand what’s happened and what continues to happen within our country, why our politicians make what appear to be ridiculously stupid decisions, I would highly recommend reading “The Creature from Jekyll Island”.

    We must all open our eyes to the fact that “the people” are not in control of our government and have not been for a very long time.

    There are much bigger players with much more money in the game that control the political destiny of nations worldwide.

    Alas, once we recognize what the true fight is all about we can at least make the correct choices within our own lives. Our lives can be based upon freedom, intelligence, self-reliance, hard work and action.

    Leave the caretakers of the world for those that wish to be debt-ridden, ignorant, idle and dependent.

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