Head to this great film site

Bitchin Film Reviews

Blake’s film review site, aptly titled bitchinfilmreviews.com, is definitely the place to find interesting, intriguing movies.  If you’re looking for positive reviews of Michael Bay films and other common smut, then you won’t find it there, but you may find some witty criticisms only an intelligent, superior film critic could verbalize.  And I might add very accurately.  So when you want to start watching film that is art and not just entertainment, head to bitchinfilmreviews.com and read a review.  You’ll be glad you did.    

He even gives away cool prizes.

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2 thoughts on “Head to this great film site

  1. blake says:

    Ah Ben, you’re too nice. Way too nice. I’m bluffing 96% of the time.

  2. My movie blog keep getting hundreds of crap posts.

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