King of Pop is Dead

michael-jackson-thrillerThe world mourns the death of Michael Jackson.  Thriller was the second album I ever owned, second only to Hammertime (please muzzle your laughter).  Much controversy surrounds MJ’s death.  Did he OD?  Was it the stress of being the most controversial man alive?  That’s probably what he was going to name his next album:  Controversy.  
I really don’t know how to describe them all.  Child molestations.  Neverland Ranch.  Mcartney’s copyrights.  Lisa Marie Pressley.  “Blanket”.  Ball grabbing.  Moonwalking.  A White Glove.  Good God.  

Nevertheless, let us all give credit where credit is due.  There has never been a more talented pop musician and dancer.  Jackson’s album Thriller is the second best selling album of all time in America after the Eagles Greatest Hits 1971-1976, and the highest selling album in the world with over 100 million copies.  I would venture that MJ will overtake The Eagles on the American front as well now.  When we think of scientific revolutions, we credit men like Newton, Heisenburg, and Einstein.  With modern pop and rock music, the gods are Elvis, The Beatles, and the one and only Michael Jackson.  

Michael brought us incredible songs that are still relevant today, including Beat It, Thriller, The Girl is Mine, Dangerous, Wannabe Starting Something, Smooth Criminal, and Billie Jean.  He also revolutionized music videos and sent raving fans to lunacy all over the world.  I’ve never understood how people could become so unbelievably enamored by someone they don’t know as to go into convulsions at the mere sight of him.

Here is another mystery.  I’ve never known where to stand on the whole child molestation issue.  Nobody wants to believe he would do such things.  With the way lawsuits run rampant everywhere in America, I could see some family just trying to take advantage of Michael, but when you see him on national television cuddling with young boys and admitting to sleeping in bed with them, you can’t help but wonder.  

A second autopsy of the body has been requested by Reverend Jesse Jackson.  I think it’s pretty obvious that the cardiac arrest was caused by the array of drugs he was on, although having a heart attack WHILE a cardiologist is one of the only people in the room with you is a big coincidence.

It will be interesting to see what unfolds.  Where will his money go?  Who gets what?  Will there be massive funeral or no?  

One thing I will say:  Jackson solidifies himself in history forever by prematurely dying.  When we think of famous people, it is those who die unnaturally that remain in our memories.  Maybe this has something to do with Fragments, as evidenced by some of my other posts on Romanticism.  To demonstrate my point, let me ask you a couple questions.  Who was the founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?  Which religion holds a long standing grudge against the Jews and for what?  Who is the greatest African American activist of all time?  Who shot JFK?  My guess is these are people you know much more information about than their contemporaries who lived full lives.  The same principle applies to unfinished movies as to unfinished lives.  It always makes us think more.  

Let me end by concluding the only way I know how.  Michael Jackson and every aspect of his life is an epic conundrum.  

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