A socialist Health care

To catch up on this topic, click here. Are we really going to let this happen folks? England and Canada hate their health care systems. One citizen claimed her husband had to wait a year and a half to see a dermatologist, since there was only one in the entire city. And now an entire news station turns the reigns over to The One (President Obama). It is only going to be a matter of time until we adopt a socialist health care plan which will be the worst possible move we can make. We must take action to cut off the head of the leftist political monster we call the Obama Administration.

Most of the reason why health care costs are so expensive are because of the cost of malpractice and the nature of medicine itself. I believe that were people to stop suing doctors when medicine fails (and it will always fail in the end) then our premiums would definitely be lower than they are. Let’s face it: Insurance companies are here to make a profit. If they have to jack up their premiums to pay the bills that were jacked up because of increasing health care costs that were jacked up because of doctors increasing rates that were jacked up because they had to afford malpractice insurance, then that’s what’s going to happen for them to stay in business. On top of this, medicine is a cutting edge technology folks. It’s going to be expensive when we are dealing with cellular, atomic, and biological systems. Not everyone is going to be able to afford the best policies. Am I faulting those who do not have health insurance? Not at all. But if you think that you can’t get into see a doctor now, imagine when every Tom, Dick and Harry can get in line before you.
On top of this, medicine has been quantified by economists who believe it should be (click here to read the New Yorker article). Every procedure is different, and every patient is different. The hospital is not a conveyor belt. Doctor’s should be able to determine their own costs for procedures, and not insurance companies.

People drive to perfection in a capitalist society. Unbridled capitalism is wrong, but what we need is competition people. That keeps costs down, and also allows for progress. If you want the best people for your doctors, then they need to be able to pursue the top of the income ladder. Otherwise, many people will leave the health field.

Marxism is great in theory, but has NEVER WORKED IN PRACTICE. EVER EVER EVER. It failed in the USSR. It failed in China. It failed in the LDS Church. It will fail in America.
I am interested to hear your views, even if they are contrary to my own.

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One thought on “A socialist Health care

  1. Blake says:

    Them’s mighty big fightin’ words. But I have to say I disagree quite a bit. Which do you think is a more viable option: asking people to stop suing doctors and that actually working, or a health care system to help those in need? I have a couple friends in France, England and Scotland who all rave about their systems, and who also spent time in America and experienced the wildly out of control health care system we have here, who say nationalized health care is fantastic. One of these friends couldn’t even afford the medical attention she needed here, so she had to fly back to Europe.

    Last summer, even though I had two medical insurance policies, I still ended up paying out of pocket over $2000 dollars, for an operation I may have died without. I’m a college student! $2000 dollars plus my insurance premiums is a huge portion of what I make in an entire year. What if I had only one policy? Or worse, had been between jobs and didn’t have any at all. Something has to be done about the health care system. I’m not one hundred percent sure the proposed plan would work, but I think government leaders should absolutely be trying new things out to try and find a better solution.

    You should check out this link to see what the administration has already done, for health care and see what they hope to achieve in the near future. They seem like worthy goals.

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