These are a few of my favorite things ala Oprah

Okay, it’s been awhile. I’ve been… well, lazy at best. Forgive the delay my little cherubs. I have returned.

Let’s talk about some positive gifts humanity has given us.


By far one of the most intelligent and satirical shows ever created, Southpark wins the award for comedic genius. You can disagree, but when I sit down and watch an episode of Southpark I am always amazed at the incredible way it mocks every single mockable point of society. It combines the innocence and effortless dreamage of childhood with the filth and crassness of naughty boys and incredibly awkward situations our country and society gets us into. Hats off to Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and of course Cartman. Notable mention for Butters who has made the more current seasons great.


As it has been stated before, information wants to be free. Shame on all of you companies that feel it necessary to profit from everything a person does. There needs to be a source for people to go where they don’t have to open their wallet, and Wikipedia is the greatest source there is. Thank you wikipedia, for being a .org. On top of that, college professors have such disdain for Wikipedia. “Well, I’m sorry Ben, your source isn’t the Critical First Edition published at Oxford, Yale, or Cambridge, so I’m afraid it’s unacceptable.” Let’s be honest. Wikipedia provides useful information that isn’t obscure.


I don’t care that they are a trillion dollar business or whatever the case may be. Google provides some of the greatest services to mankind. Dictionary? You got it. Email? Done. Blogging? Here you are. Unanswered questions? Bamboozle. There it is. Thank you Google for being everything we need, the second we need it.

Family Guy

Yes, Peter Griffin and his family have entertained me for many a year. I first came to know the Griffins when I was in New Jersey rooming with a couple buddies. We were selling security systems, or, as we liked to call them, overpriced oversized wall phones. And what consoled our weary salesman minds and salesman feet at night but the Family Guy. Thank you Family Guy, for creating a new type of unpredictable humor that is both witty and professionally random. (As a sidenote, randomness for the sake of randomness is not usually funny, unless you can really make it work i.e. Peter, Stewie, Lois, and Brian.

Again, back to my free information soap box, when it comes to world events and politics, the best place for the most current data and news is Fox news wants a 7 dollar per month subscription to listen to Bill O’reilly and Glenn Beck. 7 dollars. To listen to an overly energetic talk show host interrupt his guests and not let them speak. Great. No, I’ll stick with


You know I never wanted to live in Idaho when I was growing up. I wanted to “see the world’ or some shit. Well, I have seen the world. I’ve been to Australia, New Zealand, New York, New Jersey, England, Spain, France, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, etc. etc. I by no means have seen a great portion of the world, but I’ve seen a bit. ANd from what I’ve seen, I have to admit that Idaho is one of the greatest places on earth. Idaho features some of the nicest people around, and some to the most sane drivers. I can’t say the same for Utah. Maybe it’s because I expect so much more from Utah people, and am constantly left so disappointed. Not all by any means, but many. You can disagree in the comments section.
Another thing Idaho has going for it is the space. That’s right, I can walk out of my parents driveway and see the stars. There are no buildings and hordes of people around. It’s just space. I know it won’t always be like that, but at least now it’s one of the greatest spots on earth.

Cormac Mccarthy

I must say, one of my favorite writers. I admire him, I respect him, and I dig his work. He’s won the greatest awards for litereature. His books are made into masterpiece films. He earned a Pulitzer for his critically acclaimed The Road. His writing is dark and potent, like Faulkner. Well played, Cormac. You even have a cool name.

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5 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite things ala Oprah

  1. Cylee Pressley says:

    Well its about time! I have been waiting for some witty commentary on life from you and I am not disappointed. I could not agree with you more on the Idaho point. I hope to one day reside there again. O’Riley drives me crazy with how rude and arrogant he can be on his show. I like him but he is very disrespectful. I am very happy that you are getting your info from the drudge and are not liberal…or are you and you just like to read what the opposition has to offer?Bad, bad, bad call on southpark. They may be witty but they are soooo crude. Maybe you will grow out of that….ha, ha. Love ya,

  2. Matt says:

    South Park is classic and they have remained fresh and witty, unlike Family Guy. At least, that’s my opinion. I still watch FG, but it’s lost something in my book. Speaking of great animated shows, I think the Simpsons has recently picked itself out of the doldrums it was in; the last few seasons have been pretty good.Have you read McCarthy’s Blood Meridien? Easily his best work, and I think Ridley Scott is eying a film adaptation somewhere down the road (no pun intended).As for Wikipedia, I actually cited it once in a short paper I wrote in undergrad. Haha, needless to say, my prof did not enjoy that. I learned my lesson, but still turn there to begin my research.

  3. blake says:

    Oh boy. God help us if Ridley Scott tries to adapt McCarthy’s work. He hasn’t made a decent movie in 20 years. Here’s to hoping he doesn’t bastardize one of the greatest authors of our time.

  4. Magicman says:

    I agree Matt, Family Guy has seemed to lose something and I can’t put my thumb on it. Thanks for supporting Wikipedia, I definitely will be citing it in future writings. I haven’t read Blood Meridian yet, but it’s definitely the next on the list.

  5. Hi. I like the way you write. Will you post some more articles?

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