“Who is converted?” asked Josephus.

“To love?”

“To anything, Livy.”

“I think it is those who believe.”

“No, I think it is more than that. It is those who yearn.”

“Yes, the converted are those that yearn.”


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4 thoughts on “Conversion

  1. The Carter's says:

    Hey man!! How’s it going? Did you see the new pic that came out of Michael Phelps? wow is all I gotta say. haha anyway just wanted to say hello. love ya

  2. Nila says:

    Perfectly beautiful…Thank you Ben

  3. blake says:

    Ben, the world wide web is hungry for more meta-Ben. Please respect you’re audience’s expectations.

  4. Usiku says:

    If the converted are those who yearn then perhaps they are actually being re-converted to a state of existence where evolution of self is achievable and harmony is maintained throughout. This is a state of existence where man’s advances does not diminish other men’s chances, nor that of the natural world. I speak of advances and chances collectively not singularly. We can advance and chop down trees but we shouldn’t be destroying each other and ecosystems.

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