Adventureland: Does true love conquer all?

I guess a budding theme that I have felt through most of the Sundance movies I’ve seen is this: that a true and abiding love is experienced when both parties not only know but embrace the other’s weaknesses. (That sentence is ironic, since I’m describing very emotional things in an emotionless way, don’t you think? Irony will be a masterful blog to follow in the coming days, so just hold your horses!)

Anyway, my focus of this film will be about this idea. The story goes: smart college nerd graduates but can’t afford to go to columbia, so he has to get a job at Adventureland to save money. Ends up meeting a troubled hottie who is sleeping with the washed up rock star/mechanic who happens to be hunk Ryan Reynolds. What brings them together is a medium Ziploc Bag of blunts.

Since this is my blog, I’m going to interrupt my little narrative and address why I bring up my ideas and points from different modes of pop culture entertainment. The reason is: I love stories. I love books, movies, and actual storytelling. I love a good song or short story or poem. I think I enjoy stories so much because I draw parallels to my own life. We all do this I’m sure. We all have dreams or ideals, such as making it big or falling in love with that dream girl. Or maybe we identify with the pain. We love to connect with someone, even a fictional character, that feels as we do. there is something about a television character or stanza that speaks to us and we relate. I’m inspired to think and feel by stories. I enjoy feeling emotion, any emotion. Emotion makes me human. I can’t acknowledge anything about it other than that I feel it. And I like it.

Okay, so back to Adventureland. It’s funny quite consistently. Kristen Stewart I really enjoy because she plays the broken wing bird so well. She glances away at the slightest eye contact. What is she so afraid to face? Is it guilt ding ding ding? Yes. Suddenly she has a great guy who really likes her and she feels the searing hot iron of guilt. She pushes him away, and then he goes after Marly P, who dances disco better than anyone I’ve danced with. He has an addiction for confession, and tells her that he kissed this girl and he’s really sorry. She forgives easily knowing she has wronged him more than a simple kiss, and for much longer.

Yet, somehow, they forgive, and even embrace eachother for who they are. Does love conquer all? I believe true love does. I want it in my life. What would it feel like to have someone who knows everything about you and still love you? In conversations with friends and family, I can see why many people keep dark secrets in their lives, since revealing them would mean risking the loss of those relationships. Sometimes there are things in a life that on the surface are wrong, but events that brought them about are unfair and sad. Why is it acceptable to dismiss at face value a “sin” when that sin was years in the making by forces maybe partly ones own fault, but partly not? Where is a place for understanding and acceptance?

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4 thoughts on “Adventureland: Does true love conquer all?

  1. Cylee Pressley says:

    I love how you write and express so much in your writing. It makes me think. I know a hadsome, smart and funny guy like yourself will not stay single for long. You will find your true love too!

  2. Nila says:

    How are you doing?

  3. alisekelley says:

    I love reading what you write!

  4. This is such a fundamental topic. It truly spoke to me this morning, so thank you.

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