Merry Christmas!

Today I woke up, and a blurry white confetti swirled around my frosty window. It was Christmas morning (12pm don’t judge) and what a fantastic time. A hearty laugh from Dad. A flash from Mom’s camera. Duncan belly-up on the rug waiting for a tummy rub. And I, sitting by the Christmas tree, decorated with home-made and colorful ornaments, each imbued with its own special memory. The fire burned downstairs in the rustic stove and warmth filled our home. It wasn’t all the fire’s doing, I knew.

Then, a drill gun for dad. An ornate red shirt for mom. A forest brown Echo Hoodie for me (yeeah).

Then there were bows and wrapping paper all over the floor, the tell-tale sign of the wonderful gifts exchanged. I hug Mom and Dad and scratch Duncan’s ears, and know this is a special time. Someday the sweaters are worn and the books eventually go on the shelf, but the time together somehow lasts. If not in crystallized memory, then in a nostalgic wave that rises within and breaks on the surface with a smile. Some distant day, I know, when I need it most. A day when there is no fire, and its cold to the touch, when a little warmth could do a body good. I store today away for that occasion, a small paper gift with a bow set under the tree. An orange sitting at the bottom of the stocking, waiting to be unpeeled and shared.

Today, I relish it. No naps today. Every second counts. Don’t waste it, I tell myself. An extra hug here, a peck on the cheek there. Give that love away. It will be worth it.

Merry Christmas.

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6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. The Carter's says:

    I agree!!! Merry xmas. Can’t wait until we have game night. let me when you want to do it. This weather is pretty crapy. Jake got snowed in here. But is going to try and head back tomorrow. anyway im glad we were able to come home this year and see you and the family. ttyscass

  2. blake says:

    Only you could, or would even want to take a nap after sleeping in until noon…seize the day!

  3. Cylee Pressley says:

    Ben, I love how you write… I totally agree. I just want you to know how much fun I had with you that night. Mike had a lot of fun with you and everybody too! Hopefully it won’t be too long before we do something like that again. You are a great guy and I look forward to all the good that you are going to do. Love ya,

  4. Vanilla Mistral says:

    Vices? Loving you, being beautiful, and thinking too much. I’m only working on the last one.

  5. Vanilla Mistral says:

    Oh, and Merry Christmas. This post was fabulous. I feel happier, and more Christmasy because of you. I’m glad it was a good day.

  6. John says:

    Ben, that was a really good picture and paragraph on family and the holidays. Can’t wait to see you again. We’re back now so give us a call we somehow miss placed your number. C-ya soon

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