Monster: a Novel

Intriguing, right? I have wanted to start writing a story for quite awhile, and I finally started. I made a new blog entitled: that you can check out if you so choose and stay up on the latest. Just realize it’s not edited very much, it’s just a way for me to get the main plot and ideas down. Here is the beginning of the first chapter. Tell me what you think!

Her eyes opened suddenly.

It was bright. Her arm moved to shade her face, and in doing so tore a tube from her arm. She gasped for breath like she was drowning in a calm sea. Everything was dull and blurry, unfocused. Eyelashes. Red on the blanket to her right. Blood.

She heard nothing. large people began scurrying into the room. They were colorful. Blue and green. Salmon. A towering white blur hovered over her. It’s face was close to hers. She couldn’t see anything except it’s brown eyes commanding everything in the room. They turned to her. It’s gaze fell on her. Her face. It winced. It mumbled something. She felt hands on her shoulders. She was shaking. Shaking.

She began to hear something. A voice.

She was warm. Her feet kicked the blanket from her body. The people were yelling at each other. Why were they yelling? Quit yelling she thought. She grabbed hold of something. The bed. It was the railing along the bed. She tried to push herself up but the white figure held her down. Why are you touching me? She began to thrash. He was strong. Or she was weak.

The sound was louder. It was a voice. A woman’s voice.

There was sunlight coming in from a window. The shades were open. It was so hot. She could feel the sweat on her brow. Dripping. Dripping onto the damp pillow. Let me go. Let me go, please.

They were handing things back and forth. Tools maybe. For what? It was hard for her to move. She had to get up and get out. Get up and get out! She continued thrashing but more of the colors were pinning her to the bed. Get off me. She looked to her right. Metal bar attached to a black screen with flashing lights. Beeping. Again she noticed the red stain on the sheets. Blood. Her blood. Get off me!

The sound grew louder. It was loud enough to recognize. The sound was her. It was her own scream echoing around the room.

A blue blur stepped close to her face. It had something in its hand. It grabbed her shoulder and with a quick thrust pushed a needle into her arm. She knew because of the prick she felt. Please, no. Don’t do this.

The scream was louder than ever. It escaped from the room and ran down the halls, turning heads all the way.

She began feeling it. The darkness. It was coming again. Please, God. Not again. Her mind was churning. Her face was on fire. Her eyes couldn’t see anything in the light, but she knew they could see in the darkness. Yes, the images. The pictures were still there. The darkness would make them return.

The scream became tears.

She began to relax. Her eyes were heavy. She began struggling to keep them open, keep them from seeing. God keep them from me she thought. She remembered. The blood. The eyes. Hazel eyes staring into her, through her, without a reason, without life. Her consciousness began to retreat inwards, like a flower retrieving its blossom. She saw her hand, limp on the bed. A plastic band around her wrist. Her breath became soft and slow. Fight it she thought. Don’t go to sleep.

She heard angry voices still. Yelling above her. Too much. Too much what? It doesn’t matter, it was too late for her she thought. She missed her chance. She almost escaped. Now, it was too late to escape the darkness.

There was fire everywhere. She felt it. Burning flames all around them. She smelled the tires. Please god, no more.

She was almost asleep. The darkness almost had her. The colors stood around her, watching, like some sort of seance. They were quiet. She was quiet. Sunlight beamed into the room. But she was retreating quickly from it. Back into the dungeon.

The white blur leaned towards her and whispered. It whispered something that tickled her nose. She felt a hand on her side. Don’t leave me, please. Please don’t leave.

Then they faded away. They all faded away.

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One thought on “Monster: a Novel

  1. blake says:

    I like it. Bitchin’.

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