Is there such a thing as neutral?

During World War II, several countries remained neutral. They helped both countries, or didn’t aid either of them. Switzerland had been neutral since 1815. They were very beneficial to the Nazis, since they served as a storage country for Nazi loot as well as protected part of Germany’s border.

Sweden, the Republic of Ireland, and Spain all declared neutrality much later than Switzerland.

We could look at America for the same issues. Is America “neutral” when it chooses not to get involved in 3rd World genocides and wars?

I think there is some legitimacy to staying neutral. With smaller countries, if they get involved, they are only setting themselves up to get slaughtered. Had Switzerland joined the allies, they would’ve been annexed by Germany I believe. IF they joined the Axis, they would have lost a lot of lives and been condemned by the Allies. As a neutral country, they came out quite well from World War II.

So we establish that it is economically and politically good for a country to stay neutral during war. But is it good morally?

Unless someone reads about history, most people couldn’t tell you that Switzerland was neutral, or any of the other countries. I couldn’t have until I learned it in class. Now that we know, it’s easy for us to pass judgment and say they should have done something. But the one truth is that every country is usually out for itself first. Churchill, FDR, Stalin, Eisenhower, Hitler, and every other leader is out to make the best decisions for their own people first. Is that wrong?

Like a previous post, I discussed Amen and how nobody would take action even when they knew millions of people were being killed. It’s the same situation here. Maybe not taking a side is taking a side. If some country is killing people, and you do nothing to stop it, are you not helping to kill those people?

I guess I don’t really have a good answer. Morally, I feel it is wrong to not take sides. Politically, if I were a president, I could see myself having a little more difficult time signing a declaration of war. What do you reckon?

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2 thoughts on “Is there such a thing as neutral?

  1. blake says:

    Switzerland joined NATO in the late nineties. So technically… they’re not neutral.

  2. blake says:

    And that’s kind of irrelevant. Sorry.

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