A Bond you can Respect…

Spoiler Alert! (Warning, some jokes and references could give away events in the film, so read this after you’ve seen the movie!)

Six years ago when you thought of James Bond, you thought Martinis, women, and STD’s. Now, you think assassin, loyal, and badass. Quantum of Solace is no disappointment, and Daniel Craig solidifies the new Bond character as a strong, intelligent, sometimes vulnerable MI6 agent that takes care of Her Majesty’s badass business. And when I say take care of, I really mean kill or stow away in the Bolivian Desert somewhere.

The film tried to make a political statement about how governments of very powerful and punitive countries are all in bed with dirty scum bags. It was particularly critical of greasy CIA agents. Damn Americans…

Much hype has surrounded the new Bond chick Olga Kurylenko, who plays Camille in the film. Rolling Stone called her, “The worst Bond girl ever.” Is it because she doesn’t sleep with Bond? Or is it because she has an agenda of her own? Or because she’s Russian? Who knows. What I will say is she’s strong, independent, and sexy, and I think those are all qualities for a good Bond chick.

The film is jam packed with car chases, boat chases, and plane chases (and yes, that sentence was intentional and accurate). It’s got gun fights, knife fights, fights in elevators, fights on balconies, fights in burning buildings, fights in different countries, and fights in fancy hotels. One particularly fun scene Bond breaks both arms of an attacker, stabs him in the leg and chest, and while he’s pinned to the ground watches the man take his last breath. No biggie. All in a days work for 007.

In Casino Royale, I really enjoyed the vulnerability of Bond’s character. In previous installments of Ian Fleming’s Bond series Bond was really a very flat character who was always the same womanizer in every scene of every film. Like Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace continues to let 007 let his guard down. We also see the compassion behind the steel exterior when Bond comforts his friend Mathis, reminiscent of when he sat in the shower (while still in his Tuxedo) to comfort Vesper Lynd played by Eva Green in Casino Royale. Both directors of the two films Campbell and Forster understood that a Bond we could feel for and experience real emotional pain with was a Bond we would really connect with. Good call guys.

I must say that Bond really has become like Jason Bourne, and I wonder if the director’s knew this was the direction the spy/espionage/action movie was going to really captivate audiences. Okay I don’t wonder, I fully believe they did know, else why would they be directing blockbusters right?

See the film.

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2 thoughts on “A Bond you can Respect…

  1. blake says:

    I saw the Bond/Bourne relationship too, and it annoys me.

  2. D says:

    Great movie. This brings up the wonderful debate, who would win in a fight between Jason Bourne, or James Bond? I’m partial to Bond right now, because I just saw the movie yesterday. I kind of feel like whichever film I’ve most recently seen will get my vote. Both are pretty money.

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