Some old photos

Just looking through my old yearbook. Check out some of the photos.

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10 thoughts on “Some old photos

  1. D says:

    Man, high school in the 50’s was crazy. Those pics bring back such good memories. Remember what life was like before Ben revealed his gayness? Such carefree, good times.

  2. Caged Wisdom says:

    Those are unbelievable. The many looks of Magic Man, game show host, lead musician of a 60’s rock band, and father of Beaver and Wally. And his many ‘cool’ friends. Well Played.

  3. Magicman says:

    Darren, let’s be honest. I purposefully chose the gayest, most douchiest haircuts for you, because I know that’s what you look like on the inside. Also, you’re the only one of us actually old enough for these photos to be relevent!!!

  4. blake says:

    I think these pictures of Ben were taken before he official came out in the coke-themed blog. What a different world it was then. Racing for pink slips, drinking spiked punch, poodle skirts, Ben pretending he likes girls…

  5. blake says:

    Damn it. Be for he officially came out. Not before he official came out.

  6. Magicman says:

    I must say Blake, your insults would cut to the quick so much more if you weren’t so daft at writing and spelling. It’s a marvel you’ve gotten this far. Sometimes I just feel sorry for your future… At least you don’t slick your hair back like in your photo.

  7. The Carter's says:

    How the heck are you? I am so glad you found us on here!!! I miss you! and the whole fam. I wish we could have been at the reunion. If Tilden goes on deployment I think me and the kiddos might come home for xmas we will have to get together. Thanks for the comments. So what has been going on with you? talk to ya ya cass

  8. Vanilla Mistral says:

    I’m going to try to pretend I’m not offended that my beautiful face and coif are not pictured here. That’s what I get for leaving the blogging up to you. Yet yours is so entertaining, and Darren is looking SO good right now.

  9. Johnshana says:

    Hey Ben thanks for writing to us on our blog. Sorry we didn’t see you at the reunion last weekend. Hopefully we can see you soon. It’s nice to see you doing good. Your blog is very informative (college word for lots of info) but in a good way. We hope to update ours when Paul can show us again.

  10. Meg says:

    Ben! I found your blog through Cindy’s…love the year book pics….loved all your book reviews for the holocaust class. way to be smart and opt out of the all-day SHOAH movie. i am still recovering. lol

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