Cindy inspired me with another political blog.

Change we can count on!
Whose the fairest of them all?
Mcain is…Maverick???

skates, hockey practice
Yep! SHe’s a genuine mom!
Please, god help us all.

Here are ways I propose the new president should be decided. Cheaper, more efficient, and tax free.

1. cage match
2. Arm wrestling
3. Dual (win win, because one of them dies).
4. Hold your breath contest
5. Who is the blackest of them all? Obama if we go by skin, Mccain if we go by internal organs.
6. Who gives me the biggest gift.
7. Who has the geekiest, gayest, most self-absorbed commercials (The original maverick by a landslide).
8. Whichever candidate’s vice-president can name the capitals of all the states.
9. coin toss
10. Texas Holdem. Winner take all. This may be the most difficult, as I think both are quite skilled in bluffing.

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2 thoughts on “Politic

  1. D says:

    I love all of these ideas. And it also made me think that we should have a holdem night soon. I definitely need more gambling in my life. Let me know what you think. One more suggestion. You know how radio stations sometimes do an endurance type thing, where the last person to take their hand off a car wins it? I propose something like that, but they have to hold only the front door of the white house. First one to let go loses.

  2. Cindroid says:

    Love it Ben, love it.And that video makes me laugh.One day maybe you should run for president?

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