Friend or notafriend?

Recently, I decided to unfriend a friend of mine who has never responded via phone, text, email, facebook, blogspot, or any other form of contact I’ve tried to make in the last year. She responded once, and it was a shallow lie I knew she wouldn’t follow up on. “Hey let’s get together soon I mean it!”

Okay, I didn’t unfriend, but I’m upset, because I think basic friend protocol is you make an effort to reciprocate in some way when a friend tries to make contact with you. Let’s be honest. It takes five seconds. Are you really that busy? Are you? Are you?

Am I wrong in thinking this? The answer is no, but I’ll let you comment yourself below. Is she a good friend? Not at all, not to me, and I’m not the only one she does this to. She does this to other people that care about her.

All I’m saying is I have other things to do than chase blue marlins in the sea that won’t bite.

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3 thoughts on “Friend or notafriend?

  1. Cindroid says:

    ohhh the fear of the unfriending. its never a good sign.i love you benny boo boo. and i miss you.

  2. Kate says:

    It is quite rude for a friend to not reciprocate the effort to have quality time together. However, I think the question here is, is she even still a friend at all? If the person has become a stranger to you, and has not returned any call or attempt to contact, I would say this person is a stranger until proven otherwise. And you don’t go out there trying to get strangers to write you on Facebook, do you? Until this person, on her own free will, contacts you and follows through, she is not a friend and is obviously not concerned with being such. She hasn’t made any effort, what makes you think she is interested at all in continuing the friendship? Maybe you already got de-friended by her? Hmmm… or best of all, perhaps you are addic…i mean, codependent for trying so hard to make it work? Maybe some inner soul searching is in order here…:)

  3. Magicman says:

    Not addic-codependent Kate. Nono. These are periodic attempts to revive, to what any outsider may deem, a great and fun friendship. Totally platonic, but definitely a friendship. And I’ve given it a year to make this judgement. So as not to appear desperate, when I say frequent attempts, I mean once every month or two, trying to keep in touch.

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