What is worth valuing? (part 2)

So who do we admire? I was thinking about this lately, and it can’t be actors. It can’t be most musicians. I think there are some actors and musicians worth admiring and idolizing to some degree, but not because they’re beautiful or famous or talented at acting or singing. I would admire them because they do something worthwhile for those around them, or for the world. There are definitely influential musicians out there, and actors for that matter, and that’s all well and good. But I think deep down, when we think of people we truly admire and look up to, we will find it’s people we know intimately as being good hearted, loving, caring, and generous people. In our homes and communities. I think positions of influence such as teaching, health, social work, psychology, engineering, or a plethora of other professions would make for good places of work, but I think we will find that its people who excelled in their field, or used their talents for true betterment of society, that are the ones we admire.
I love the olympics, and think that sports are genuinely positive. And I admire those who dedicate their lives to earning medals. But these are things secondary and tertiary to what’s critical for good living: good values exemplified daily. And anyone honest with themselves I think will find they only look up to those with those qualities. I’d love to have the skills of Michael Phelps, or Tiger Woods. But I’d rather be more like my Mom or Dad, or some of my good friends. Or Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, George C. Marshall, Mother Theresa, etc. etc.

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