Stupid stupid stupid stupid (part 1) readme first!

First I’ll address our two candidates running for office. I am utterly perplexed at the ridiculousness of America’s current political situation, and the ripples that will be felt throughout the rest of my lifetime. The candidates have been running full time for two years. Two Years. Let me repeat, TWO YEARS. What else have they done withe their time? Not one damn thing that’s what. They talk about change, and make promises, and tell us how bad things are and how they’re the key to unlock capitol Hill’s gates of production. Instead of going out and doing something, they’ve talked about it for two straight years. Once they get into office, they’ll shuffle around some stacks of papers then after they hit their two year mark, they’ll have to start running again and that will take first priority. It’s like a never ending parade of promises and handshakes. I understand things have been this way for awhile, but I don’t believe to the scope as this current pre-election charade.
What really should happen is people do their jobs. All the time. There is no campaigning. Maybe other people nominate you and then they get your name out into the open. People vote based on character and work ethic that can be legitimately seen, not some sideshow being paraded around across the country and on television. Do you know why Obama made a trip to the middle east recently? Because Mccain did earlier this year to help his polls. So Obama needed to follow suit. Mccain is no better. He makes ads attacking the integrity of those around him. If it wasn’t Romney, it’s was HIlary and now Obama. He’s a geriatric douche bag that needs smack in his wrinkly, pasty face. there is no rhyme or reason to anything these narcissistic trumpet blowers do, unless it’s to the tune of showing you how awesome they are at being politically awesome. Bastards. Hundreds of millions of dollars wasted. Only to be spent again in two years. I think it’s ridiculous. I don’t admire these fellows. not after all their self-aggrandizement. The presidency is a position for an ivy-league billionaire who can impress the masses with good bullshitting. Nothing more.

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One thought on “Stupid stupid stupid stupid (part 1) readme first!

  1. Blake says:

    Yeah! I agree. And I’m tired of people (and corporations like MTV) that are always all like, you HAVE to vote! You don’t care if you don’t vote! Register to vote!A particularly witty episode of ‘South Park’ taught me that if you have to choose between a turd sandwich and giant douche, you don’t have to vote.

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