a yes man (part 3) read part one first!!!

Lastly, a character I admire from my new favorite show Weeds is the main protagonist, Nancy. She’s unbelievably great in this series. Anyway, I love her character in that she is very frank with how she feels or what she wants or doesn’t want. She doesn’t agree to something unless she absolutely wants it or has to do it. She isn’t afraid to say no. I think the word no is the most important word in the english vocabulary. K and I were talking about a common associate we have who is a real douche bag. What makes him so you ask? His back-stabbing and two-facing and schmoozing. Nobody wants a person who says what other people want to hear, then backs out or is inconsistent.
I know sometimes I’m like that. I’ve said this before: I’m a people pleaser and don’t like letting people down. But the reality is it’s better to not commit to things you know you won’t do or don’t want to do. Sometimes I’ll agree to do something as trivial as watching a movie with friends that I don’t want to watch. I always love hanging out with friends. But sometimes there is just something else I’d rather do. But instead of doing that, I end up watching the movie or whatever other activity it could be. Then I end up feeling disappointed or regretting my decision when it was my own damn fault.

The point is, don’t be a yes man or woman. Stick to your guns and be consistent. Be transparent. By that I mean that we should be the same no matter who we’re around. No secrets.

As always, my advice is meant for myself solely, but I post it for your opinions and whitty, comical insults. Write on!

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5 thoughts on “a yes man (part 3) read part one first!!!

  1. Blake says:

    If I agree that ‘yes people’ are bad, how can you tell if I wasn’t just being a yes man?

  2. Vanilla Mistral says:

    I totally agree. It bothers me to no end that our government is in an essential never-ending cycle of ineffective policy and partisan haggling. But I appreciate that there are people like you who see it and will change it. Could you start with that restaurant idea first though, because I could really use a good European meal.

  3. Kate says:

    I am enjoying the right hand column of interests and good times. However I can’t help but say, THERE ARE A MILLION EAGLE CUT OUTS- WHY MUST YOU USE AMERICAN EAGLE BRAND EAGLE?!?! I thought you were kidding when you said you wanted that tatted on you. That’s like me getting a moose inked on my neck… Although I personally look to Mooses as an icon of strong stature and regality, all of that would be dwarfed by the fact that ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH uses it as its mascot. I’ll find you another one to kife.

  4. Kate says:

    My favoritehttp://farm3.static.flickr.com/2066/2370448830_b43edcf4ee.jpgLook! It has 2 heads!http://www.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/5362963/2/istockphoto_5362963_double_headed_eagle_silhouette_with_crown_one_credit.jpgNicehttp://www.woodcraftplans.com/ys136.gifReally closehttp://www.thelensflare.com/small/eagle_24537.jpgI would just hate for haters to think you have an affinity for quaint sayings on t-shirts and chunky leather belts rather than the noble and fierce animal that is the eagle. I got your back.

  5. Amber and Che says:

    I’m not responding to your post I just want to say hi…ha ha. thanks for visiting us tonight and coming to see our house. We’re so happy you guys came over. We definitely need to hang out. Anyway, thanks again. I like your blog 🙂

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