The God/friend dilemma

Let me first address the multitude of subjects that I will hopefully get to on this wonderful article by Blake Ostler, elucidated to me by Katelin, which can be read by clicking the word awesome: awesome

This blog however will be about an interesting little inquiry I’ve been dwelling on as of late. I think if I’m honest with myself, I realize that when I have certain dilemmas in my life emotionally, socially, etc. I usually end up talking about them to my good friends. I think many of us do this at times. We need someone to listen to us so we can get advice, or vent about our problems, or just get them out into the open. I find however that I probably do this more than most (talk about my life’s experiences and dilemmas) and sometimes feel like I’m wearing out a friend’s ear or boring them or being just plain narcissistic.

It’s not that I don’t want to hear about anyone else’s problems. I do. I sincerely try to be a good friend. And I do whatever I can to show that. But I do realize that I like to discuss my own dilemmas, maybe because I don’t trust my own perspective, or just that I am the type of person that needs someone to listen to me and empathize.

At some point, however, people get sick of listening to you or being around you. Unfortunately, your not done talking about something, or you haven’t worked through a problem sufficiently.

That’s where having God in your life becomes so rewarding. I remember many times in my life when I was more reliant upon him, I always had someone to discuss things with, and I could talk as much as I wanted and I always felt like he wanted to listen.

Maybe this is where the term, “don’t rely upon the arm of flesh,” really finds its definition. It doesn’t have so much to do with temporal, worldly living, but it more means that when push comes to shove, God is there for us to rely on when everyone else isn’t, or they’re patience and empathy is all used up.

Anyone that makes it through my more meaty blogs (which is like one or two people) needn’t suppose this is some veiled criticism or shot. On the contrary, I believe and have always felt I’ve always had the most gregarious, impeccable friends. And we all know I’ve asked a lot of them on many a recent occasion, for which I am consistently grateful. I just realize that at some point, people want and need to move onto their own lives.

Chalk one up for God. Good game God. And thanks.

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