I was reminded reading K’s blog, looking at her photos, that I had a theory on photos. That theory is this:

Our mind records different experiences we go through, and we remember those from a first person view. Everytime we think of them, we renew that synapse and solidify it.

If we take photos of different experiences, looking at those photos removes the effort to recall certain memories. Our synapses weaken, and instead of remembering the actual event, we end up just remembering the photo. So when thinking of a great fishing trip and how you fell overboard, everytime you think of the memory, you just remember the fake pose of you and your crew standing on the dock.

Just a thought.

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2 thoughts on “photos

  1. D says:

    Do you ever think you’ve been somewhere that you haven’t been? Pictures have absolutely infiltrated my thoughts to the point that I may have artificially created memories that didn’t happen. It’s a problem.

  2. Cindroid says:

    i love pictures. they bring joy to my life. especially pics of you.

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