Routine and habit

Over the last couple weeks I was pondering on an interesting new mantra I feel is seminal to success. I can’t remember what inspired my epiphany; nevertheless, it is most likely something you’ve probably heard over and over again. it is the value of routine in ones life. Two examples I could use would be the life of Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt, or possibly Mr. Rearden from Atlas Shrugged. Both men experienced copious success and drive, and I would attribute it to their respective routines.
It seems that our decision making process is what causes us the most stress in life. In many instances, we have a decision to make about what should occupy our time on a daily basis, and what things we should accomplish in our lives long term. Indecisiveness causes us anxiety. Once the decision is made, follow through is natural, and the completion of tasks brings satisfaction and confidence.
My point is that to avoid all the anxiety in decision making, we should fill our lives with routines that we follow everyday. We fill our time with positive and productive activities that can be, for the most part, repeated. Planning ahead allows us to make percipient decisions with our time, and our follow through is simple: we do what we planned, without the stress.
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