New Incentive bloggers

Remember how Disney used to mess with us by putting in the word, “Sex” in the dust kicked up by Mufasa, or some producer’s voice in Aladdin saying, “Take off your clothes” when Aladdin was on the screen (Gay)? Well, as a cool little bonus for all you readers out there, from now on, whoever edits their blogs the most moves up on my links page! That’s right, you lucky blogger will get ranked in order of importance, just by updating your blog! This will be incentive for all you lazy basts who front that you’re a blogger, but really you’re just a reader. Oh snap! (I learned that incentives really do work from Pointe and Firstline).

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2 thoughts on “New Incentive bloggers

  1. blakecgriffin says:

    Mufasa didn’t kick up the dust, it was Simba. Geez.

  2. Kate says:

    mmmm… I’d prefer to take my reward in the form of Ecash, thanks. 60 ecash for blogging for 9 hours is totally enticing. Or even lunch at Subway maybe? Put those kinds of treats on the table and I’d be willing to make 2.. No, 3!! sales…er, blogs, in a day.

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