Baby baby Everywhere! Baby baby boring blog!

Babies. How sweet. How inconceivably dull for a blog. I’m glad that people blog about their babies because I know it makes them happy, and its good for their families. I get that. But lets be honest: ten blogs in a row about how a baby said, “Aaaghah” and wiggled their legs in their crib, not worthy of prose. Moms, my mom is on your side. She said if I had kids, I’d do the same thing. I’d blog about my kids. She’s half right, because I’d blog about them sometimes, but I’d also intersperse it with other tidbits from my life. I wouldn’t overdose on Gerber memories and baby diapers.
I’m a shallow bastard, I know. Who wants to read about my book reviews and pathetic poetry? Maybe they’re blogs that are quite dull to soccer moms. That’s okay. That’s why I’m blogging about babies for once, and hopefully I’ll see at least a critique of a Gray’s Anatomy episode or daytime soap on

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2 thoughts on “Baby baby Everywhere! Baby baby boring blog!

  1. Cindroid says:

    oh my gosh my nephew did the cutest thing the other day. when we were playing dinosaurs he gave the cutest little ‘rarr’ like he was a dinosaur. and so then i started ‘rarr-ing’ like a dino (t-rex style) and then he started crying. i got it on tape so i’ll be uploading it soon.

  2. Kate says:

    I second this, the boringness factor of the baby blog. However, moms (esp. new ones) can’t bring themselves to want to talk about anything else. Their kids are all of yours or my hobbies combined. 14 hours a day of nothing but kids…and I’d take it so far as to say that their kids create a pride in them that they never had for themselves. They feel it’s their biggest accomplishment. But as for the rest of us, ’tis bleak to read through all the time! We need to find more sassy single people’s blogs. Also, with the new thing making it so you can print out your blog and convert it into a book, I don’t blame them for turning it into a public baby journal for posterity! Boring…

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