Sunshine in a bag/goal

I was talking with a good friend of mine, Pam we’ll call her, since she’s the office manager, about some seriously deep shizzle tonight. One point was to put more photos in my blog. One point I thought that was the pinnacle of discussion was this notable quotable: We must be happy by ourselves before we can be happy with someone else.

Look at this cool photo while you cut and paste that into your Facebook account.

What I mean by this gem of wisdom is this: two unhappy people that come together can’t join up and live in harmony, let alone happiness. So many people make it their ultimate aim to get married, or find someone to be in a relationship with. I’ve done it. It can’t work. If we’re not happy with our life independent of anyone else then we will attract unhappy people. That can only be an equation for disaster. Take Jack and Kate for instance. Serious issues. They both need to work things out independently, and then they should date. Or I should date Kate. Whatever.

So this begs the question how does one find happiness independently? According to Brian Tracy, its found in fulfillment of goals. If we choose goals that are important to us and strive everyday to fulfill them, not only their attainment, but the journey to that end will yield great enjoyment and fulfillment.

These goals should include personal betterment, service to others, etc. Obviously these things bring satisfaction, so why not put our time to good use by working on them.

Don’t get me wrong: I believe in close relationships and even marriage when the time is right. There is nothing greater than being with someone who cares about you and loves you unconditionally. I do think its important however to be running on all cylinders, and know your significant other is running on all cylinders, before progressing into a relationship with them.

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3 thoughts on “Sunshine in a bag/goal

  1. blakecgriffin says:

    But if misery loves company, than shouldn’t two unhappy people have lots and lots of love? I don’t know the answer to that question. All I know is that kids suck. Don’t have any.

  2. Kate says:

    Well played. And well-formatted! My eyes thanked you for the photos and my mind picked up on much more of what you said. And in case you forgot, you already did date “Kate.”

  3. freedomlover says:

    It’s true. The reason why we have so many unhappy marriages and relationships that end up in disaster is because so many people are looking for “the magic pill” in the form of a significant other that can bring happiness. You have to find happiness in yourself first. You have to be confident in your beliefs first. You have to be right with God and man first. (Important to note… this does not mean perfection). Then, and only then, can you multiply your happiness with that of another. And then, yes… kids do take that happiness that was multiplied and multiply it again 10, 20, even 100 fold. If the soil is good the sun and rain will produce daises. If the soil is bad… all the son and rain in the world will only bring forth tumbleweed and quack grass.

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