I chilled with Dane Cook!

There were many fun times on this trip to Vegas, but hanging out with Dane Cook himself was definitely the highlight. Let me give you the jist of the story.
I had bought two nice seats to see Dane Cook at Caesar’s Palace for my ex-girlfriend’s birthday. She broke up with me (her words) so I kept the tickets. My cracka ass white bread honkey friend Blake came with, and dominated the Roulette tables. We had a sweet time.
Anyway, we get there and the seats were sweet. This Canadian couple sits next to us and I see she has this VIP pass. I asked her where she got it and she tells me that Dane’s manager was giving these out to all these hot chicks out in the foyer of the Colosseum. The show was supposed to start right then, so I didn’t know whether to try and see if he was still there. I did. I ran out and spotted the guy (the lady said he had on a gray hoodie and had blonde hair). He was talking with a bunch of guys in suits and they started walking away. I said, “Hey bro!” And he looked up at me. I said, “Bro, I hear you may be able to hook me up with some backstage passes. Is that true?” He smiles and says, “Walk with me.” I started walking with him and asked, “Listen, you would be a God if you could hook me up with a couple of those tickets.” I had asked my roommate Shibby to come with me. The guy said, “How much of a god?” We continued talking and he finally gave me a couple VIP passes. He introduced himself as Barry, Dane’s manager.
So the show was fantastic. Dane was hilarious. After the show, we met up at the elevator and the security guard took us down underneath the collusseum and we went into this sweet lounge with these beautiful but useless couches and post-modern art on the wall. The lighting was dark. We proceeded to be surrounded gradually by the most beautiful women. They, almost all, turned out to be superfluous and void of any glimpse of humanity. Then Dane showed up. What a stud. He went to the back of the lounge and talked awhile. I was on pins and needles I wanted to meet him so bad. He looked like he was leaving one time, but he started taking photos with a couple girls. I asked Barry if I could get a photo with him and he said of course, just talk to him after he was finished with the ladies. So I did. We talked about a few things, mainly he recommended some porn for me and Blake to check out and then said he was sorry we were from Utah. He offered to send a van up to get us. Then we took some photos with him and talked some more.
Meeting Dane Cook was awesome. Totally worth everything. Dane Cook is a stud.

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2 thoughts on “I chilled with Dane Cook!

  1. D says:

    That’s so money. Next time I will be there dominating roulette with you guys.

  2. freedomlover says:

    I hope you didn’t check out his porn recommendations.

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