I think we as a people are missing opportunities of tranquility. We constantly need to be distracted from our current present, whatever that is. We let movies, friends, books, cell phones, internet, computer games, work, and everything in between occupy our minds instead of allowing contemplation. Sometimes our thoughts lead us to unwanted feelings like emptiness, loss, or anxiety. We run away and retreat instead of feeling our feelings long enough to discover why we have them. What happened to original thought? Or self-awareness even? I think western society has led itself up a technologically crazed entertainment ridden garden path. We have chopped attention spans and replaced it with an insatiable appetite to make our lives easier with the next gadget or soundbite to entertain us. We are becoming mass produced humans, some type of franchised homo-sapien that can quote the same movie lines and owns the same colored ipod as the rest of the drones of his or her generation. Not only do we eat the same food from the same restaurants, we know the same stories as Hollywood, the same songs from Nashville, and for the most part the same coping mechanism as an alternative to thinking: entertain me at any cost. We are debunking ourselves, since if we have no identity or originality we will soon be at the end of a rope hanging from a gallows we build.
As a counter-argument, I will cede that sometimes, and as for myself this is the case right now, distraction is a must. Enduring certain emotional cancers can be draining and depressing, and so we all need distraction at times. We all have to escape reality once in awhile. In some ways, our ability to escape our lives through the plethora of possibilities at our disposal is invaluable to our own well-being.
That said, when instead of being an insightful person who escapes on occasion, we become an escapist, we may be missing out on something we can’t get back: our OWN lives.

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One thought on “Rumination

  1. freedomlover says:

    Right on Magic Man! I wholeheartedly agree with your colorful illustration of what may be the single greatest challenge facing us… 1st. as individuals and 2nd cascading upward and onward through the social labyrinths of family, community, state, and country. If we don’t soon discover how to utilize our untapped intellect, we face a mindless demise as we follow the pied pipers of pop culture into the dreadful abyss of popular conformity.

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