Hey, Babe

Hey Babe
I decided not to follow all your rules
For us to succeed
That’s when you said you couldn’t be
With me

But truth be told babe
I probably would have
If you’d meant it when you said
You’d always be there for me.

But for the record babe
I’m sorry I lost your job for you
It wasn’t out of spite
But if I wasn’t in your heart
Like you are still in mine
I couldn’t bear to see you
In the office every night.

And Babe
I’ve always known it was my fault
Your anger was so hot
I just thought our love was more than enough
To put the fire out

Hey Babe
I saw you took our pictures down
And threw away our memories
Well if you don’t mind babe
I won’t throw the good ones out

Hey Babe
I know you’re not thinking about me anymore
My love outlasted yours
So babe, I guess I should spend it quickly
So I can catch up to you.

By the way babe
If you didn’t know already
I put up with a lot of you
That I probably shouldn’t have
But that’s what lovers do.

I love you Babe
I’ll take the blame for starting our little fall
I tried to always catch you
But then I needed you to catch me
And you ran away so quickly
So I did what I did.

It’s okay babe
I know your hatred for me
And if it makes you feel any better
It definitely has hurt me.

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One thought on “Hey, Babe

  1. Kate says:

    You should do more poetry. I liked this! However, it was never your fault that her “anger was so hot.” That’s her issue, she was only trying to find reasons to justify screwing you over.

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