The final frontier?

Riddle me this, reader:

I was recharging my chi tonight in the parental’s hot tub and looking up at the sublime sky. It’s still rural enough in Idaho that you can actually see stars, as compared to the mini China we call Provo/Orem in the midst of the United States (I hate Utah so bad). There are just too many people in Provo. There needs to be a new plague, such as a bird flu or new outbreak of smallpox.
Anyway, I was thinking about life on other planets and how Einstein and many physicists believe that the universe is actually expanding. We always say to ourselves, “The universe must have come from somewhere. So where? Something must have created it!”
I wonder if we are only thinking of the universe in terms of alpha and omega, rather, the beginning and the end. We as human beings only know aspects of our existence in terms of some starting point and some ending point. Everyone we know was born and will die. All living organisms will live and then die. Civilizations rise and fall. Species evolve and become extinct. Planets are created and then eventually balloon up creating supernovas and then shrink down to nothingness and become white dwarfs, their lifespan stretching billions of years, but begin and end nonetheless. The only thing that doesn’t have a beginning and an end is matter. We always stretch far back as possible and say to ourselves, “self, before Earth and our solar system existed, before even the big bang (if one believes in the big bang theory), something must have created all of the matter.” But what if the matter just always existed? What if there was no beginning to matter or the galaxies? We still would say something had to cause it to be there, but maybe that’s not the case. I think a lot of times we try to imbue some type of human reasoning on the origination of matter and the cosmos as we know them, but maybe our frame of reference is too small to really capture the truth of the question: there is no beginning of the galaxy or solar system. Matter is our only evidence of this as it has no beginning or end, it can neither be created or destroyed. It can change forms but that’s it.
That leads us to wonder that if matter exists here as we can visibly see or tangibly touch, and if it always existed, but only changes chemically or substantially, maybe that is what happens to organisms after they die. They transition into a different manifestation of matter or existence. They aren’t destroyed and have no end, but continue existing in a different state of matter. If so, where? Maybe we will eventually discover some way of seeing what type of matter or life manifestation they have transitioned into.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but all of this postulating sounds eerily like some religous mumbo jumbo:)

What say you? (In blunter terms, comment on my damn blog).

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One thought on “The final frontier?

  1. Kate says:

    You’re exactly right! I wish you would think this way about your own life instead of ominously questioning, “What if when we die THAT’S IT?” There is no beginning nor an end, these silly bodies of ours that we are so afraid of losing are merely chucks of matter that have existed forever and will exist forever along with our souls. Even if they rot in the ground, the universe goes on forever, our souls going along for the ride.

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