The validity of commercials

A few weeks ago I was going to blog this little inquiry, but never got around to it. I just started wondering what types of commercials cause people to buy their products? We all love funny commercials, but certain ads I don’t think cause us to buy. And that’s the main reason why people want to advertise is to get people to use their products. (This little tidbit comes from a book called Your Marketing Sucks, and its that all advertising should cause people to use your product or else it sucks).
Anyway, I first threw the question into the argument arena with my roommates. Both Sexpanther and Shibby said food commercials definitely caused people to buy food. For instance, a new Taco Bell Burrito? When someone is hungry, they are going to try something new. I agreed. We all agreed that car commercials were useless. How many times do we see some nice car winding around a picturesque mountain road at 60mph? Great, but I’m not buying anything until I’m behind the wheel in the car lot. Also, you’re going to look at Consumer Report. Certain buying decisions I don’t think are influenced by commercials.
Next I discussed the topic with my girlfriend Princess Consuela Banana Hammock (Princess for short). She mentioned certain women’s products like razors or face creams, etc. These types of products are meant to improve what’s already out there. So if there is some product that does a certain job but not optimally, a new product is designed to improve, modify, and perform better. Excellent point.
I would also suggest movie advertisements, because everyone is looking for the next couple hours of entertainment.
So basically smaller buying decisions are influenced the most by commercials, such as food, hygiene products, entertainment options, beer, etc.
Larger buying decisions, like buying a car, changing health insurance, a new investment website, etc. are all less influenced by commercials and these companies would do well to invest their money elsewhere.
A good commercial can be made for any type of product, but what really counts is if it causes people to use the product.

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