Mere Christianity

I haven’t ever written about Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis, and I have wanted to. I think that Lewis’s main argument throughout the book is persuasive and worth mentioning. Before doing so, let me just say that Lewis’s book is peppered with very intelligent analogies and allegories to make abstract philosophical concepts tangible to the everyday reader. Lewis is very quotable, and I think its obvious by how much General authorities use him as a resource.
Lewis’s main argument is great for the person struggling to understand why God doesn’t manifest himself like any other organism physically existing on earth. We often wonder why God doesn’t directly speak to us or why he doesn’t just appear when we want. Lewis says that there is evidence for God’s existence. Deep within us we have a conscience. This conscience he says couldn’t have evolved from early group behavior patterns, since we know we also have human carnal instincts that cause us to survive. Hunger, thirst, sexual drive, fight or flight response, rage, etc. are all instincts that are many times contrary to what our conscience tells us. These instincts caused us to survive, but our conscience tells us differently. So where does it come from? Lewis says it comes from God. He made us, and therefore gave us a conscience to know right from wrong. Also, spanning most countries and cultures are very similar ideals of human interaction, most things similarly being considered appropriate and forbidden by almost all people.
I have some argument with this, as there have been many cultures that have used human sacrifice in religious ritual, and I definitely think that would go against the conscience of todays people, suggesting some type of behavioral evolution.
Continuing Lewis’s argument, because God created us and gave us conscience, our conscience becomes the only evidence we have of God. There is no other way we can know. And since the conscience can’t be seen or heard except within the nebulous realms of the psyche, that is the only place God will communicate with us. (God does manifest himself to people according to all Christian religions that believe in the Bible or Book of Mormon, as well as Islam).
So we can’t ask why God doesn’t give us evidence of his existence through visions or voices; rather we should expect answers only through our minds and hearts, the very places where our conscience dwells.
I think the argument appeals to logical people who like to have facts in front of them. C.S. Lewis at one time was an atheist, and he definitely knows logic and philosophy. So I think this is a good way for people to try to understand God.
Who really knows?

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