The latest from Brit

I posted this new music video from Britney Spears called “Break the Ice”. I must say I love anime pronounced (animaey not animime) (actually I don’t really know if that’s true) if its anything like this video.
First off, so dramatic. I’ve never seen any cinemetography that mixes slow motion effects with dramatic poses and zoom ins like this. There must be over a billion splices. And its animated on top of that. Impressive Britney.
Britney begins the music video on top of Gotham City resisting urges to morph into a werewolf (Twilight series plug). Then she dives (yes, backwards dives) off the skyscraper (yes, skyscraper) and plummets what looks like at least 90 stories into a…GLASS CEILING, where she then falls into a fountain. Obviously, the fountain must have been at Olympic depth because she did survive. All of the party guests are as flabbergasted as I. Also, if you didn’t notice, Britney is shown walking 74% of the music video. She also seems to have quit eating Taco Bell from the looks of her cat suit.
Is it just me, or is the first big boss incredibly similar to a monkey. His hands curve around and hang towards the ground. Yet he is in a suit. I wonder if this was some type of hybrid character from the remake of Planet of the Apes.
The pimp Britney straddles also puzzles me. What is she doing to him? She hits him, then kisses him, and they both seem to enjoy it. At one point you see his legs jerk underneath her, so that can only mean he was early or dead. Then he self destructs like Mr. Smith off the Matrix binary style. Then Brit pulls a Neo bullet dodge (again in slo-mo) vs. a projectile the size of a baseball. I could dodge a baseball like that it’s so freaking big.
All of the soldiers are wearing gas masks and bounce up and down, I think some simulation of walking.
As if kicking the ape and pimp’s asses wasn’t enough, Brit then decides to blow up what I think is her robot sister or clone. I felt like I was watching the Island. I even pretended that it was Scarlet Johannsen that was in the pod that blew up (she’s hot, but she is the worst actress, save Jessica Alba. Also, she was in every movie made during 2006-2007).
So, the beginning of the video Brit says, “It’s been awhile, I know I shouldn’t have kept you waiting.” While this happens the video cuts to her robot clone. At the end of the video she blows up her clone. If I knew someone was going to blow me up, I’d wait.
So to sum up, this is where Brit’s 750,000 monthly income goes. A nonsensical array of spliced melodramatic footage of herself kicking everyone’s ass and then exploding everything else in her wake. Can you say frustrated spoiled brat angry at the world? Either that or this is some new age therapy for rich people. Create your own cartoons!

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2 thoughts on “The latest from Brit

  1. Cindroid says:

    is this really necessary ben? keep your love of anime-britney to yourself…ha.

  2. blakecgriffin says:

    Satire at it’s best. Well done, Ben.

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