If the shoe fits

I was thinking about Einstein’s mishmash of relationships, both academic and personal, and after pontificating for a few minutes realized that Einstein never placed all his eggs in one basket when it came to personality traits or different wavelengths of compatibility. For instance, Einstein would spend much of his time visiting over the table with a pipe in his hand about physics with his colleagues, then he would discuss politics with others, and then others he would discuss art and history. Then he enjoyed more familial and domesticated relations with his wife Elsa. He never expected Elsa to discuss theories with him; only to provide comfort, company, and enjoyment that they both benefited from. Conversely, Einstein wouldn’t discuss more personal items with his colleagues.

The point is sometimes I think people expect more out of their relationships than they should. The reason that we have more than one friend is that people are different. We should seek to enjoy peoples’ strengths and personalities for who they are, and not expect them to act and be something they’re not. When we’re in the mood to talk science, we talk science with the lab rats. Or history with the history buffs. Or the newest movies with our friends who like the newest movies. This can only lead to many meaningful and fulfilling relationships that won’t be degraded by misplaced expectations.

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One thought on “If the shoe fits

  1. D says:

    I think that is also why it is so important to be well rounded as a person, so that you can successfully converse with people on a variety of issues and therefore be that guy people want to talk to.

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