FAME! I wanna live forever

I was thinking about the definition of fame. Why is it that fame and attention is so desirable. I think its because beyond food and shelter, human companionship is the most sought after need of mankind. Any attention we receive quenches our thirst for human relations. We watch our favorite comfort shows on television because we have identified with the characters. They have become our pseudo friends and family, replacing real human interaction with funnier, easier relationships. We wish we were superstars in movies, sports, film, because we want people to love us. In the end, we won’t remember people we saw on tv except as splotchy blurs on a canvas. Wouldn’t it be so much more fulfilling to just cultivate our relationships in the time that we have them, for those are the only lasting sources of fulfillment we can receive.
I would put forth that its almost impossible to have large circles of quality relationships. It’s possible to have lots of friends and family, but not to the degree that sometimes we covet or wish we had. We don’t want those things really. Those bonds are terminal.

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