To People who think they can read books while they exercise

Hello again, ladies and gents! This post is going out to all those souls who feel its okay to read while they exercise. I find it so funny to see people paying for a gym membership who go and spend 45 minutes or an hour on a stationary bike, the treadmill, stair stepper, etc., barely moving, while they flip the pages of UsWeekly or their homework. The gym is to exercise, not multitask. The American Heart association says americans should be getting 15 minutes of elevated heart activity everyday, which means pushing the body beyond what it normally can handle. Everyone knows what this feels like, and it doesn’t feel like reading. It’s hard work, and it causes a sweat. You shouldn’t be able to think about other things. That’s the great thing about exercise: It clears your mind of everything else. It’s the one thing you focus on. When you’re running, you’re focusing on pushing yourself to your max. At least jog at a real pace friends. All I’m saying is you’re wasting your time coming if you’re not exercising. And I guarantee that if you’re reading while you exercise, you’re not exercising. If you don’t believe me, just track how much weight you actually lose in the next three months on your walkomatic workout, or how much better shape you’re really in the next time you climb the stairs up to the Benson building. In the sound advice of G.O.B. Bluth, “COME ON!!!”

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