So tonight I was sitting around chatting with Sexpanther and Caged Wisdom, my roommates, and Caged Wisdom brings up the phrase, “Zoobies.” Zoobies, I find out, are people at our university who were dealt one too many spirituality points, thus pushing them beyond the brink of normalcy and into the realm of overbearing self-righteousness. Zoobies are people who: think baking snickerdoodles and putting together a puzzle is a great date activity, don’t watch PG-13 movies, think kissing is wrong until after you’re married, APs who just got off their mission and let you know it, bake everyone in the ward cookies (guys), walk out of the movie 51st dates, don’t use the word suck, play a little too much ultimate frisbee, smother girls with too much attention (thus checkmating themselves), are too interested in what girls are saying or what they are doing when at the restaurant Wingers, disapprove of the critically acclaimed television shows Arrested Development, Friends, or Seinfeld, seem to always say things like, “That’s crude,” or, “That’s not something I would do,” or, “I don’t feel that’s appropriate,” write or receive more than 8 honeypots in one week, participate in Men’s Choir, or think Godfather is a poor movie.

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One thought on “Zoobies

  1. darren says:

    you speak to my soul, magicman.

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