Why I'm a poor man

I’ve been on several dates this semester. Some really good dates. And some rather bland ones as well. At one point I swore I would never take a girl out to dinner on a first date, as it gets pretty expensive. That really didn’t pan out, and several hundred dollars later I’m still single. So I was talking with my roommate who will be now referred to as Sexpanther, (by Bodeon Rowr Rowr Rowr!) and we inquired as to why do guys have to always pay for girls? Did that somehow date back to the middle ages with knights and shiz or is that a relatively new phenomenon? Also, I think with the feminist movement the ability to pay for ones own meal should have come with the right to vote. Or at least pay for the guy once in awhile. That’s not how it is, and I accept that. But I do think the girl needs to realize that SINCE the guy is putting himself out there, wallet and all, there should be some type of recompense. For instance, tonight, I was on a date, and we started talking about the whole dating scene, and my date and Sexpanther’s date were basically illustrating my point perfectly. Let me recount:
I asked how many dates a girl would go out with a guy when she wasn’t interested. My date, Sweetie, said one, which is the right but rare answer. Sexpanther’s date said several. Not cool at all. See ladies, the fact that the guy is asking you out means he’s interested. He’s not just wanting to hang out and have a good time paying for you to eat and go bowling, much to your surprise I’m sure. You need to show the decency of being honest and up front with him. “You’re nice, and we can be friends, but probably nothing more than that.” That’s how easy it is. Otherwise, when you accept more than one date, he probably thinks you’re interested. If you’re not, you’re lying to him. Now, Sweety brought up a good point –if you don’t know you’re interested, but may be, no worries! Keep saying yes, us guys don’t mind. We don’t mind taking things slow. But when you know you’re not interested, don’t say yes. Another gear grinder is the fact that girls avoid confrontations at all costs. You’re busy, it’s not a good time, some other time are phrases not synonymous with no thanks. Don’t try to spare feelings, we can take it. We don’t like being put off or avoided. Alright, enough harping.

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One thought on “Why I'm a poor man

  1. Shannon Elizabeth says:

    how can you know after one date if you would date someone? how can you know after 749 dates? where did all of these decisive people come from in the world? why do i cower at the thought of choosing something from the menu to eat? how do people take the tags off clothing? why have i been in 17 serious relationships and never been sold on someone? why is there a 33 percent chance i will be stabbed in the next week? thanks for the shout out.

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